new days has come

it's 2009!this entry might be a bit late to talk about new year..but i'm still want 2 to talk about it..does it even matter to others?it's my blog,rite? days has come..n this year going to be a critical year for me..1st, i'm going 24 on march 31..fuh..xsangka dah tua rupenye..2nd, this is my final year.. a loads of things to exam,final practicum evaluations, thesis n so forth....3rd, d most important thing,i'l going 4 umrah..insyaAllah..very excited about it..4th, 2009 is my last year for me spending times wit my classmates..after 5 1/2 year being together..fuh..sedihle bile nak berpisah akhir thn nati..n i hope we could cherish d year wit a loads of fun n memories together..sgt suke dgn aktiviti kelas thn ni..pertandingan badminton tertutup kelas dan lawatan ke melaka!

there are a lot more important events for 2009..but i cant remember all those things including kak na nak kawen..but,whatever it is..i'm going to enjoy the new day..with ain's way..hehe..


seronok bila tgk semua org beri komitmen nak join badminton
ain said…
yup...i'm really into this things..wpn xtaw lnsg nak men die..nmpknye kena beli raketle..hehe

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