Day 3 - Perfect 1st Date

Your idea of the perfect 1st date..

Salam.. 3 task is killing me rite now..never good at any idea of 1st date la, wedding dream la, perfect man la..the teenagers sure hv a lot of ideas of this kind of question.. but not me..

However, i google for some pictures and found these...

slalu tgk kat tv cite omputeh ,people lies on their 1st date to make him/her look perfect..macam gamba kt bwh ni..lies all the time, about all the things..

this one might be an advice for my lil bro ajik but not to my lil sis najdah(to najdah : make him pay for evrything!haha)



F. Hanim M. said…
penat la nak tggu hbs sampai 30 challenge
ainko said…
hehe..klu rajin tgg klu sekali sekala tu jenguk2 la ye!hehe..tq anembo

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