Goodbye Syawal


As usual, i have nothing interesting to tell u here. so, how bout just look at some pics?

this is Iman.. he sure has a lot of things to talk to me everyday..and it is hard to make him stop talking. :)

the boys, free to make their own styles

this is my fav hari raya pic wit my brilliant aulad..
The Gossip Girls 
(at 1st we were just pretending, but it turned out that we were laughing at each other for acting funny)

the heroes..

the princesses

tak sempat nak bergambar outdoor since cikgu pun sibuk nak siapkan puding + nak makan banyak2 lontong, rendang dan sate yang terhidang!!

my kakak said, this purple bj kurung moden is small (yela, saiz S la katekan), cukup2 muat je dgn i, if i gain more weight soon ( which i hope it will never happen), i cant wear this baju anymore. hmmm..*sight*


diba said…
tudung kak ain cntik lah : )
ainko said…
Thanx diba...shasmeen sakura from radiusite

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