Ain Hagemaru bukan Ain Hawani

Salam everyone!

Paah just gave me a new name : Ain Hagemaru not Ain Hawani due to my clumsiness n mischievous..hehe..

Because of this Adam n Hawa drama, even teacher at my school always repeating the script..a senior teacher who has A n M at his name, called himself Am (just like Adam Mukhriz)

One day he said this to me, after I had a week outstation which I m sure that everyone in the school missed me..hehe :

Him : Lapan tahun Am tunggu Ain.
Me : (dengan selambe je jawab) Tapi Ain tak pernah tunggu Am. Tak pernah sesaat. (hehe, coz i know he was joking, he's sum1's husband already)

And there were other Adam Hawa's scripts he said, n i managed to fire him back like Ain Hawani..hihi..penangan Adam Hawa kan..

There's a song in the drama that i like very much : Ratu Dihatiku by TRIAD , an Indonesian Band..enjoy the clip yaw!

to view the original vclip , click here.

*btw, i m not a fan of Aaron Aziz, i'm a fan of Adam Mukhriz..hehe. oh yes, nadiya nissa is such a star!


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