Day 1 : Fav Song

Day 1 : Your Favorite Song..

My all time fav song n i believe a lot of people also love this song!

I love this song because of the of my fav lyrics :'when u feel like hope is gone, look inside u n be strong..and u finally see the truth that the hero lies in u..'

zaman menggunakan kaset-ini birthday present dr abg sy for my 14th bday..cube tgk kat gamba bdak tu ade autograf..jom close up sket..

bukan autograf mariah carey ek..autograf from my big bro..hehe


FarhahNur said…
Pergh, mula2 ingat sign Mariah, Mariah wannabe upanya! kihkih..i love this song toooooo ~~~
ainko said…
hehe..all time fav song!

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