Here we go again

Salam everyone.. we go again..Ramadhan has gone n Syawal is here..

"3 hari raya je, lebur diet sebulan puasa.."

That's what my big bro said last week...

Exactly..cant deny that..i was working so hard to make sure m getting slimmer (i did it, yeah!coz everyone said so..he..blagak plak,kenn..)but when it comes to Syawal, it just can be helped..haha..the 3kg that loss in Ramadhan now m getting it back..padan muke..haha

That's why they said kenala pose enam di bulan Syawal..ngeee...

Baru je  pose 3 mgg ni..mgg dpn smbg lg 3, insyaAllah..

Owh..byk plak melalut..btw, i was actually wanna wish all of u my secret readers (bajetla ade), my  blogger frens, my follower (100 pun xsmpi) and all my social networks frens Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..Maaf Zahir Batin..for all those things i said here or in my twitter and fb..kot2 ade yg terasa n xsuke k..

here are some pics for u guys to see..sket2 jadila kan..

this is the 5 of us with aki,tok n our youngest cousin (she's in evry pics)..not in d pic: mom, dad, abg n his family.

me bajet2 ayu
me bajet ayu lagi..haha (plz forgive me for the unmatched tudung and bj kurung)

granddaughters with tok n aki
Hope u guys enjoy ur Syawal as well..



FarhahNur said…
Kak ain semakin kughuihhh!! ;)
ainko said…
farhah : thanx u lagi menipis i rs!

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