15 facts about me

Salam frens! remember my 30 days challenge? heh, it ended up like two years challenge for me..kesian kan..but, since my luvly n sweet farhah asked me to continue writing and scribbling on this blog, i'll do so..and i hv just realize that i've been too busy with my workloads till i dont even think about enjoying my life..full of stress (sumtimes i do think that i have high blood pressure due to the stress)..So, this is it..continue writing, as a therapy for me..

15 facts about me (hah, mane nk cari facts ni - google sat na..)

  1. The name is Ain Naziha..they said my name is after my big bro name which he was dead before he even be born and his name was Nazihan. - tak tau le betul ke tak, kot kakak2 n abang tipu, nasiblahhh..hahaha
  2. Ain bermaksud mata, Naziha = suci.. u can call me Mata Suci..ahak
  3. Pernah bercita-cita menjadi doktor perubatan. tapi cita-cita je lah kan..skrg jadi cikgu..but insyaAllah nak cuba capai jugak jd doktor tu..doktor PhD la..( ok, skrg br berangan nak sambung master dulu k..step by step lah)
  4. Being the 4th from 6 siblings, usually i love to be fren with any kind of person, any profession, and the look doesnt even bother me. coz in my family,we are different with different works : engineer, accountant, secretary, teacher, students.
  5. amazing thing ever happen to me was going to Mecca and Medina - really miss The Haramain..please Allah, invite me again..
  6. Loss 4 kgs during Last Ramadhan (hehe)
  7. Now having an allergic face skin, when i eat prawn my face get itchy. (not only prawn, but all kind of seafood)
  8. I m 27 this year, but might look like 17 sumtimes..- this not a fact, this is a lie
  9. A dedicated preschool teacher, insyaAllah..
  10. I really love going out at night
  11. Would do anything to have wat i want, even it costs a lot of money
  12. Now, i really hate going to any courses or trainings, i prefer have fun wit my small students
  13. i m not what i look like - my fren once said this : rupa je baik..hehe (well, at least i have that 'good' look..hee
  14. Fav drama rite now ; Mara Clara Tv3 3-4 pm (which i cant watch it now coz i m at school, cant go home, there's a dead wild boar near the teacher's quarters, n it smell nasty..blueekk..)
  15. Most important ; I want to be a good muslimah, insyaAllah.

enjoy this clip frens!

~Ku tahu ku ada Mu Tuhan~


FarhahNur said…
Ok, to summarize..
- u are an owl (kan suka kuaq malam)
- yay! bole geng! suka Mara Clara jgk! Tp kadang tu tgk smbil lena kroh kroh! hehe
-kihkih, pandai wildboar tue 'tiddur' kat umah kak ain, tkla asik tgk tv tak update blog ;p

ainko said…
Hehe..an owl or I can also be called a nocturnal..hihi..
Samela paah, smpai setengah cite, dh tidoq kroh2 gak..
Tula, wildboar tu tjatuh dlm lubang, xlepaih kluaq, jiran tetangga nak bakar je binatang tu..bolehlah jd bab* panggang..kikiki
FarhahNur said…
Aww, Bak Kut Teh! Jangan kak ain..hehehe..em canila, mara clara tue, kita bahagi half2, kak ain tgk sparuh, paah separuh..hehe..

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