Tak Nak Gemuk Mission Not Impossible

I hate to say this, but i have to..'My diet starts tomorrow'...hehe..this is a tak nak gemok mission possible or not impossible..

  1. I love to bake cakes or muffins, i love to make any kinds of deserts n want to make any new recipes of desserts..agar-agar, puddings, cupcakes with icing, donut with choc topping, pizza..so, klu dah wat sure la makan,kan..lepas ni ainko nak wat tp bg kat jiran2 n family je..sy rs sket je..huh..kuat betul azam..harap2nye..
  2. Atkins Diet : my source http://taknakgemuk.blogspot.com
  3. Dancing using my dancing mat and step mania game:it is a fun way to exercise!yeahhh..mari menari!
my dance pad looks like this..around rm40-rm60 each klu xsilap

Doakan sy berjaya dlm misi tak nak gemok!



Ilyana said…
salam ain, been reading your blog as a silent reader, come visit my blog heheh promo plak, nk share why don't try pakai PB i.e. premium beautiful. visit my blog to know more :)))
ainko said…
ilyana : thanx 4 being my silent reader, i'll visit ur blog..insyaAllah..wah PB, sure very expensive rite?

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