My Bestfriend's Wedding

My roomate for 4years..she's now some1 else roomate..obviously..bertemakan merah's soo my fav color..d dress was beautiful, d make up was great n she's gorgeous!unfortunately, i had to rush back to penang after we had our lunch n snap some pics coz our flight was at 4p.m at Penang Intrntional Airport..n husna was busy wit her wedd photography sessions so we didnt hv much time to chat..
i was a bit emotional n almost burst into tears for not spending a lot of time at her wedding day n for her being someone's wife..MyEm0.Comsbb nak cover i bergenang air mata, i walk away quickly n met husna's cute lil sis..terus salam die,terus ok..hee..see..i'm gud at pretending like i'm ok..haha..

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Siti Husna Yahya..may the love stays forever!


F. Hanim M. said…
roommate aku dari zmn anak dara smpi jadi mak orang duk satu bilik dgn aku kt
ainko said…
shyna said…
huhu...thanks alot kak ain coz sggp dtg wed usna yg jauh ni...sgt sdey+ralat+kecewa tak dapat sembang lama dgn kak ain n yg lain ritu...insyaAllah kenduri muz ni kita jupe sembang puas2...nway tq very much kak ain 4 attent my wed..lov u sis..:)

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