Burn Out

Burn-out : Feeling of physical and emotional exhaustion, due tostress from working with people under difficult or demanding conditions. Burn out is followed by signs such as chronic fatigue, quickness to anger and suspicion, and susceptibility to colds, headaches, and fevers.

*too exhausted..cold, headache n sakit pinggang..?hee..

*m looking for a portable n light easel stand..if u guys have any ideas to make one or have d easel stand, plzz tell me..help me!


dark_eky said…
take a break..
ur not that young anymore XD
d'amna said…
burn baby burn ..(sambil tanggal spek mata)..hahah
ainko said…
eky : younger than u..mwehihihi..
d amna : hot brand new H, nampak!
dark_eky said…
I'm not the one complaining :P

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