Craft session



I am in a good mood rite now..y?nothing special just that m having my own craft therapy moments..doing crafts, any kind of craft is a way to make u feel better..scrapbooking, origami, felt craft..

Have a look of what was my craft..

Yeah,'s a popup card!!this is from d inside..nice rite?(perasan sensorang)

this is d card from d outside..

Jangan salah buat card ni bukan untuk sesiapa..just for fun since my friend asked me how to make a pop up think about it, i only know how to make a simple preschooler pop up, how bout learn d harder one from youtube?!terjadilah hasil yg menarik seperti di atas (forgive me for being so perasan k..hehe)

For those whose interested..u can have d tuto n template here..u can make this card for ur mom, dad, husband, wife,friends..anyone!

Have fun!
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dark_eky said…
watkn la ntuk aku 8..
rmai nk kena bg nih..
ainko said…
eky : letey aku dgr ayat perasan ko tuh..bleh je nak sekeping rm10 utk 8 kpg=rm80 k!
dark_eky said…
naper lk..
btul per aku ckp..
heh XD
ala kwn2 kire free dh arr..
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dark_eky said…
up 7 hinggit trus..
gaji pn x naik byk smpi 90%..

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