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Day 20 - The meaning behind ur blog name
Ainko Life Journal

Ainko = Ain + ko (dibunyikan sbgi 'co' , bukan 'ko' utk kau tu)
Ko is sumtimes my nickname bile my sister assist or ask me to do sumthng..
example in sms : 'ko, bile nak dtg kl?'

Life Journal : pura2 la mcm org ternama ade establish life journal..

That's all..

pesanan penaja..hehe


dark_eky said…
tp ade satu spesies yg ske dengar mslh org..
muahaha >:D
Ibnu Ahmad said…
turks call their mother 'anne'..

maybe Lu holtz has some kind of bad exp.. it's very subjective right.. bet if there is not person who like to listen people's problem, we wont have people called counselor.
2 cents from me.
ainko said…
eky : heh

ibnu ahmad : dont take this quote seriously..this is just a funny quote..hee

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